January 18, 2015

About the Host

Kimberly Hanlon, Host of The Small Business Buzz PodcastKimberly is not your typical lawyer. First of all, she doesn?t have the mindset of the typical lawyer, and she certainly hasn?t had the usual career path. She came to the legal field after being a fashion designer in New York and moving away for family reasons. It?s hard to be a fashion designer anywhere else, it really is.

After she became a lawyer, she started her practice and started practicing just like every other lawyer practices. As she was going along, she kept noticing that most law practices violate the laws of good business (and clients?hate?that but lawyers continue that way nonetheless). Laws of good business like providing a good experience for the client (more than just a good result), like building relationships with clients (and not just a merry-go-round of new prospects), and providing a level of care that is personalized and focused on what is important to the client (and not calling all the shots like the lawyer knows what is best for you). It is amazing that law practices succeed given the usual practice model, and it is no wonder that people hate lawyers.

Kimberly didn?t want to be the lawyer that people hate. She wanted to be the lawyer that people love.

As her practice grew, she stepped further and further away from the typical law model. She stopped doing divorce work. She stopped doing whatever-came-in-the-door work. She started focusing on what she could do that would make a positive difference for people, that had her enjoy her practice and clients, and that contributed to society.

As part of her contribution, Kimberly hosts The Small Business Buzz podcast offering timely, informative, and interesting topics that help business owners succeed and weekly interviews with business thought leaders or successful entrepreneurs who share their experiences and expertise.

You can learn more about her, what she does, and how she does it here.


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