Episode 15: Kimberly announces the new podcast format; PedalPub founder Eric Olson talks about growing the business in the US

Episode 15 ? Kimberly reveals the new podcast format?&?PedalPub founder Eric Olson talks about starting the party bike company and growing it nationwide

Legally speaking . . .

imberly M. Hanlon Minnesota AttorneyKimberly announces the new format for segment of the podcast – listeners are invited to email a question to Kimberly, and if she can’t answer it, she’ll bring someone on who can. Ready to get started? Email her at Kimberly@thesmallbusinessbuzz.com.


Don?t forget to sign up for Kimberly?s bi-weekly business owner newsletter ? it’s a good resource for helping you run your business and from time to time she has bonuses?that you can download for free. You can sign up at khanlonlaw.com or on the front page of The Small Business Buzz.


PedalPub founder Eric Olson interviews on The Small Business Buzz PodcastPedalPub founder Eric Olson?talks about how the distinctive party bikes came to the US and the decisions he’s made as he’s grown their distribution,?. . .

Special Guest Eric Olson, founder of Pedal Pub, talks about how he came to be the US distributor of the Amsterdam based party bikes, the choice to license the bikes instead of franchise, and some lessons learned as he’s grown the Twin Cities business and helped others bring the party bikes to other markets.

Want to reach out to Eric or set up a party bike rental? You can reach him through his website at www.pedalpub.com. Bottom’s up!

The mixed bag . . .

The theme song for The Small Business Buzz Podcast is Pioneers by Jason shaw released under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.
PIONEERS (Jason Shaw) / CC BY 3.0


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