Episode 5: What you need to know about employee social media use; Anita Motolinia talks about dynamics in family owned businesses and working through conflict

Episode 5 – Employee Social Media Use & Discipline and Relationship Dynamics in Family Owned Businesses

imberly M. Hanlon Minnesota AttorneyLegally speaking . . .

Kimberly talks about?what you need to know about the law regarding disciplining employees for criticizing your business on social media and where you can and cannot draw the line.

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Mediator Anita Motolinia interviews on The Small Business Buzz podcastSpecial Guest Anita Motolinia on Relationship Dynamics in Family Owned Business & Working Through Conflict Instead of Around It

Mediator Anita Motolinia talks about the relationship dynamics in family owned businesses, talks about working through conflict instead of around it, and offers some good tips to anyone who finds themselves in a conflict situation, whether in a family business or elsewhere in life.

Want to reach out to Anita? You can reach her through her website at anitamotoliniamediation.com, or by email at anita@anitamotolinia.com, or by phone at (612) 840-0180.

The Mixed Bag . . .

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