Episode 7: Building a solid foundation for your business; Professor Plum talks about selling better through trust and rapport

Episode 7 – Building a Solid Foundation for Your Business?& Being Better at Selling Through Trust and Rapport

Kimberly Hanlon and Scott Plum recording The Small Business Buzz PodcastLegally speaking . . .

Kimberly talks about the one thing that successful business owners do that others do not.and building a solid foundation for your business to endure over time.

Click here if you?d like to read Kimberly?s blog post about this topic.

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Scott Plum interviews on The Small Business Buzz PodcastProfessor Plum talks about how to be better at sales through trust and rapport . . .

Special Guest, Scott Plum, also known as Professor Plum in the podcastosphere, talks about a different mindset for a business owner’s beliefs about sales, which lead to different behaviors (which in turn produce different results), and the natural building of trust and rapport that spring forth from operating within that context. Good stuff!

Want to reach out to Scott or see him at a speaking event? You can reach him at his website mnsales.com?and you can?see his calendar of upcoming events there.

The mixed bag . . .

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PIONEERS (Jason Shaw) / CC BY 3.0

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