Episode 8: The one mistake new business owners often make; Uma Devi talks about using meditation for effectiveness and stress management

Episode 8 ? The One Thing Not to Do When You Start-up and What to Do Instead & Being at Peace and Effective Regardless of Your Circumstances

Kimberly Hanlon interviews Uma Devi on The Small Business Buzz PodcastLegally speaking . . .

Kimberly talks about the one thing that business owners shouldn’t do?when they are starting up, and what to do instead.

Click here if you?d like to read Kimberly?s blog post about this topic.

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Uma Devi Ishaya interviews on The Small Business Buzz PodcastUma Devi?talks about how meditation can be a useful tool for business owners?. . .

Special Guest, Uma Devi, with the Bright Path Ishayas, talks about how business owners can use meditation to be present, increase effectiveness, and operate at their peak with less stress.

Want to reach out to Uma?or learn more about Ishaya Ascension Meditation? You can reach her at her website thebrightpath.com?and you can also reach her by email at?umadevi@thebrightpath.com.

The mixed bag . . .

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